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The Mental Game – Overcoming “Problems”

The Mental Game – Overcoming “Problems”

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As most of you know, how one handles adversity usually determines the level of success they will achieve. In today’s game, many players tend to take the “easy way out” instead of confronting their issue(s) head-on.

Why is that?

I feel it is because we don’t do a good enough job preparing our student-athletes for the challenges they will face. Whether it is in the classroom, on the court, or in the streets; we must give our players the tools to better handle tough situations.

There are many documents you can share with players to help educate them on becoming stronger in the face of adversity, but we have to get hands on! Here is a tool I find extremely useful in helping prepare players for the struggles they will face on a daily basis (don’t just hand it out – read it, study it, revisit it them that you care).



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